Top Ten Best Free Puzzle Android Games

Details of Free Puzzle Android Games

The free puzzle Android games are very amazing to play and with knowledge and practice, the brain can become more commanding and strong. Here are the top ten free puzzle Android games that provide a lot of fun to play.

Top Ten Free Puzzle Android Games

Detailed list of Puzzle Android Games.

1. Bubble Blast 2

It is a well-known free Android puzzle game with more than 1500 levels and more are always added from time to time. It is very interesting to play as it improves faculty of brain.

2. Alchemy

This game begins with four elements of fire, water, earth, air and to combine them to create new elements. You become capable of creating several things and it is indeed a fun game to play.

3. Chess for Android

You can play this game at various levels. If you like chess, this game will certainly impress you as it is the best chess app for your Android phone

4. Word Up

By use of block of 25 letters you have to create as many words as possible. It enables you to make the total number of possible words which is not so simple as it seems.

5. Open Sudoku

It is the best game which is downloadable on your Android. It has various dexterity levels and maintains record of all puzzles that you complete.

6. Traffic Jam Free

This exquisite and full of fun Android game, with more than 5000 levels, is just like the slide puzzles normally for kids. The purpose of this game is to extricate the yellow car from the traffic, which is possible by passing the car out to run around all other cars.

7. Slide Puzzle

This is sliding tile game that you can play with up to 64 pieces. The game can be played from 3×3 all the way up to 8×8 which is a great selection. All ages can play and have exhilarating fun while playing.

8. Mahjong

This is a well liked game out of the several Mahjong games available for downloading to your Android phone.

9. Classic Simon

This game depicts a sequence of colors and sounds which you have to reiterate in the accurate manner. It is exquisite to keep your kid busy in fun and also learning some things while it is also interesting for grownups.

10. Jewel lust lite

This  puzzle Android game is extremely favorites among the people. Its details need no explanations because it will be more amusing if you directly download it and begin to play.

Puzzle Android Games are free to play and very famous. This detailed top ten list is about description of above mentioned games not to sale.

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