Top 10 Tips You Must Know When Buying a Car

1. You should buy a new car near Christmas time because of Christmas presents. as not many people want to buy a new car, and it forces dealerships to increase their sales plans. Salesmen are more eager to bargain to your prices to finalize the transaction.

2. You can also make a good purchase from July to October because at that time dealers are endeavoring to sell all their stock to make space for the new models.


3. To purchase a car online is becoming a great way to obtain a new car. Only wait for good deductions and concessions online and shop around. Print out your information from the best quotations and take them to the dealer for your choice. To bring lower quotes from another company might be your best expectation in getting a good transaction.

4. If you desire to get new prices, dealer concessions, and best discount offers, you should visit The site is the first place that You might get good advice for buying a car. It is more useful than the Kelley Blue book. This plan for buying new cars can exactly spare thousands of dollars.

5. Bring a copy of your credit score with you. It can lower your profit rates on your car loan. Your car dealer might not know much about that.

6. You can evade an ordinary trick that dealers play. You will often hear that your financing failed and that you have to react by paying more money on your loan. Do not believe it. It is a good reason for you to obtain a copy of your credit score.

7. Another frequent trick by salesmen is to tell you that they have found for you a lower rate, but that they want you to give up your loan papers. Generally, that is a absolute lie. Once they check your financing information, they have control if you do not know the particulars about your credit information. You can get a copy of your credit information online at for about $10-$15. It is better to pay $15 than thousands later.

8. Do not introduce to exchange your car in part payment for the other if you still owe money on it. The dealership seldom pays the rest of the loan in time, which results more payment of late fees to the bank. If you choose to bring a car in that you owe money on, obtain a written statement from the dealership that they will submit the balance within 10 days.

9. When a dealership may order the car directly from the dealership, they will require you to pay $500-$1000 for a deposit. Do not pay more than $500 and pay with a credit card as the dealership may tell you that there was a price increase and will want more money. If you pay by check, you can just consider the money lost.

10. You should never purchase a car in desperate need, because a dealer will notice that and take benefit. You should give yourself time to shop around for one and get the best transaction.

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