Top 10 Must Have Auto Accessories

There are so many special auto accessories available in the market which can be chosen according to your taste and requirement to improve the appearance of your vehicle. Here are the Top Ten well liked auto accessories which can provide you the pleasure of driving experience of your own car.

Must Have Auto Accessories

1. Floor Mats

These are needed to care for the internal side of your car and increase the life of the coverings in the cabin. They provide a good look and are quite essential

floor mats

2. Auto Covers

It is essential to use covers for protection of shiny paintwork of your car which can be damaged by scorching summer sun, heavy rainfall and falling objects from trees or wind.

auto cover

3.  Cargo Liners

If you put dirty boots or tools in the trunk of your vehicle then a cargo liner will keep all that filth off and protect from scratches or dents.

cargo liners

4. Brake Dust Shields

By using brake dust shields on the inner side of wheels you can stop the dust to accumulate on gleaming alloy rims, which keeps your auto neat and clean.

brake dust shields

5. Car Bras

A car bra is particularly designed for wrapping around the bumper to protect from flying stones, and garbage that can cause damage and dents.

car bras

6. Fender Flares

By fitting fender flares you can minimize the amount of debris reaching the exterior of your auto which damages the shine. It is easy to obtain fender flares with matching  color.

fender flares

7. Mud Flaps

Mud flaps prevent the dirty water, contaminant and oil from reaching your car and protect the paintwork.

mud flaps

8. Heated Seats

Heated seats make a journey in cold weather more enjoyable.

heated seat

9. iPod / iPhone / MP3 Docks

Use your iPod or MP3 player in your vehicle that enables you to listen to music through car speakers. Also use double up as a hand-free system; which is safer than talking normally on the phone.

ipod iphone mp3 dock

10. Bug Shields

Bug shields help to protect the windshield of your car from hitting insects and debris, helping to maintain good visibility.

bug shields

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