Top 10 Mistakes Most Drivers Make

Many people can be considered excellent drivers if they never speed, never drive drunk or tired, and always keep their car insurance up to date. But many accidents are outcome of simple and ordinary situations, when we overlook things that we should observe while driving the car. Here are the Top Ten mistakes which most of the drivers usually commit while driving.

driver mistakes

1. Swerving/drifting

There can be various possibilities behind the cause of changing direction abruptly or drifting, which most probably are wrong judgment due to alcohol, confusion, or simply lack of experience. These indications reveal that you are expected to be making a claim for car insurance, whatever the actual reasons may be.

2. Getting fright

Sudden uncontrollable fear at a narrow escape often causes the worst smash and an adequate method to guide you out of this fright is to obtain a course of defensive driving.

3. Getting anger

The traffic conditions that provoke anger is not to be taken as your fault. But you will have to bear the consequences if you get angry or agitated, and strike against another car.

4. Overlooking give way rules

You may also consider the deliberate breaking of give way rules. The give way arrangement is the most specific thing to keep order on our roads. Ensure that you are updated with the give way rules, and strongly adopt them.

5. Fast speeding against road conditions

A major cause of road traffic accidents and car insurance claims is to travel fast or slow as compared to the average speed of traffic according to road conditions.

6. Pushing buttons

Almost eight out of ten road collisions are the cause of pushing buttons or operating musical or other instruments.

7. Driving while upset

When you become upset, it does not let you function your driving ability properly, which may involve almost 80 per cent of collisions.

8. Mixing up the brake pedal and accelerator

It occurs mostly when we are emotionally preoccupied with sentiments or feelings. You may feel detested to explain this to your car insurance company.

9. Taking risks

It is the safest tactic to stop and wait, if you are in doubt about the safety of a maneuver.

10. Not knowing skid control

About fifteen percent of all collisions are caused by skidding of vehicles. Only moving in the direction of the skid, applying a brake and then correcting does not assist always. A defensive driving course is the best for your practice and to learn the theory, which may avoid unnecessary car insurance claims.

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