Top 10 Laptop Maintenance and Repair Tips

Laptop is an innovative technology being used by people of all ages in the world, and it is quite necessary to always take care of your laptop in order to perform creative and lasting operations. They are ameliorative to many technical malfunctions when compared to desktop computers. Here are the top ten Laptop maintenance and repair tips as a guideline to keep your laptop protected from several troubles.

laptop maintenance and repair

1. Keep away from dust particles

It is advisable to clean your laptop frequently with a soft cloth to remove dust particles. Avoid chemicals or acids and utilize a small blower for its cleaning. Always keep your laptop properly covered during idle hours.

keep away from dust

2. Keep away from liquid and food

Avoid eating food near your laptop, because a food particle can damage the keyboard function, causing distressing situation. Also the liquids can make a short circuit which can destroy your laptop.

keep away from food and liquids

3. Keep away from abnormal temperature and weather

Take care to protect laptop from direct sunlight or inclement weather. use in kitchen. Keep it covered in a bag when carrying to another place. Do not use in kitchen or near any magnetic field such as microwave oven which can damage the hard disk.

keep away from temp and weather

4. Keep a track on manufacturer’s manual or website

Follow the manufacturer’s guide or their official website to update all important drivers and find all the details of troubleshooting etc. Examine the warranty period and save all the necessary documents for repair or replacement in case the laptop displays any defect.


5. Defrag the hard disk

Your laptop will run more efficiently if you eliminate or minimize the undesired space.    It is advised to do that at least once in a month and in Windows XP, you can have the defragmenter tool in the below path: START-> All Programs-> Accessories-> System Tools-> Disk Defragmenter.

defrag hard disk

6. Clean the temporary and corrupt files

The internet files downloaded to a temporary place will cause the space consumption on the hard disk. It is highly essential to eliminate the temp files either to  RUN-> type TEMP and hit enter or try, %TEMP%, RECENT Delete all the files. Few of them may not be deleted as some system files will be running. There can be some viruses also in this case. You may use CCleaner, a freeware, which is efficient for deleting the temporary files, internet cache files, cookies and other undesired or corrupted files in the registry.

Clean the temporary and corrupt files

7.  Protect against malicious programs

Malware programs are very detrimental for your data and may grasp sensitive information such as username, password and provide to the intruder or hacker. Some kinds of malwares are viruses, spyware, adware, trojan, worm, rootkit, keylogger, botnet, backdoor. All are exceptional for hijacking user’s data, as a spy, and trace your actions which are a threat for business and organizations. In order to protect your laptop to avoid them, you should obtain a copy of famous anti-virus such as Symantec. It is advisable to use Spyware Doctor or Anti Spyware device to combat with spyware, adware etc. Never overlook to turn on your windows firewall and refresh your products such as software, OS repeatedly to keep your laptop up-to-date.

imagesProtect against malicious programs

8.  Full Backup

Although other safety measures are adopted, yet data backup is considered as an unavoidable task Try to use Norton Ghost to backup the complete data in your hard drive. It would be helpful if the System Restore option is selected to go back to previous position in the case of any problem.

Full Backup

9.  Security measures

Try to use sophisticated login facilities such as face recognition, thumb impression etc. If the laptop is taken away to the enemy or unwanted user, the data can be protected. Also get a safety lock for your laptop.

security measures


0.  Other safety measures

If you are not contented with touchpad, obtain choice of a separate optical/wireless mouse. Use Keyboards politely because they are very delicate as compared to personal computer’s keyboards.

safety measures

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