Top 10 Cool Things That Droid Can Do Far Better Than iPhone

There is a novel addition to the market of mobile phones with Motorola Droid which includes Google Android 2.0 operating system. With a superior adaptation of the Google phone G1, it has better design and technology. Here are the Top Ten cool things in it which other phones do not possess.

motorola with googles 2.o android

1. It includes an exquisite speaker phone with comparably better voice quality which you can clearly listen with least interruption.

2. The manifold application method enables you to operate different applications simultaneously.

3. The new droid permits you to drag friends and acquaintances from their networks like Gmail contacts, Facebook friends etc.

4. This device possesses the best voice search system. The Droid helps to search voice and place, area or map of the store.

5. The product comes with the one in a lifetime design. It has a unique smooth design with a large screen, sharp focus, and bright colors.

6. This phone is excellent for listening to music on speakers because the sound system of the Droid as compared to iPhone is loud, cool and of high quality.

7. It satisfies you in terms of network coverage and has better reception as compared to any other phones, particularly with respect to Verizon it has more compatibility.

8. The Gmail arrangement is remarkable with no problems to have access to your mails from the phone.

9. The phone includes a 5 mega pixel camera with better resolution as compared to G1 phone.

10. The stores of this application have several games and applications, though expensive yet of worth the quality.

can do better than

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